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So my original plan was to create master posts for each story I post here and sticky them permanently to the top of the entries, for ease of navigation. Imagine my surprise when I found out that LiveJournal will only let you sticky one post, like...ever. So now we have the master post of master posts.

Anyway, this is your one-stop-shop for all of my stories hosted here at LJ, including announcements and the like. Just click on a banner to be taken to that specific story, or click the "Announcements" link below it to keep up-to-date with news and such that may impact the story.

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(Important info regarding writing/posting schedule added 9 April 2015.)

Status: In-Progress
Rating: Various
Fills Available: 25
Words: ~126,300

Writing Schedule
(i.e. "Where's my fill?")

Request a Fill



Status: On Hold
Rating: NC-17
Chapters Available: 2/?
Words: ~7,000



Status: In Progress
Rating: NC-17
Chapters Available: 2/?
Words: ~5,500



Status: In Progress
Rating: NC-17
Chapters Available: 5/?
Words: ~21,000

Requests and Prompts - So It Goes: Part One

Title: So It Goes
Author: girlgotagun
Primary Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Secondary Pairings: N/A
Rating: NC-17

Community: spnkink_meme
Prompter: Anonymous
Prompt: LINK

Kinks: fluff/WAFF, secret admirer, bookish!Dean, librarian!Cas

Warning(s): N/A

Summary: Dean's got a bit of a thing for Castiel, the young, attractive librarian who happens to be able to quote Vonnegut in casual conversation. Now if only he could get up the nerve to get his voice box working and say it.

AN: I HAD TO KICK OFF MY RETURN WITH SOMETHING CUTE PLEASE FORGIVE ME. There is still a certain amount of filth to come there will be tags to add whoops.

Part One

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Anchors - Chapter One

Title: Anchors
Author: girlgotagun
Beta: buffenator (my beta is better than your beta nya nya nya)

Primary Pairing: Dean/Cas
Secondary Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: NC-17

Community: deancasbigbang (faiiiiiiiiil)

Summary: Dean started studying ballet at a young age, and by the time he was twenty-one he was dancing with the New York City Ballet. When he was twenty-four, tragedy struck and he moved back to Sioux Falls, abandoning his career. For two years he’s been stagnant, teaching dance at his old school. It’s okay—for the most part—and Dean has come to terms with the change in plans—for the most part. Until, that is, he meets Castiel Novak, a high school English teacher with two left feet.

Alternately: The one where Sam and Gabe scheme, Dean angsts, Cas fumbles, and everyone dances.

WrittenAttempted and failed for the Dean/Cas Big Bang 2015.

Warnings: None

Chapter One: What Was and What Is

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General Update

Click the cut for info on the DCBB, life in general, and my upcoming return to posting.

(The TL;DR is that I failed the DCBB but I'm pretty okay with it, I'm still alive and doing much better than I was, and I'm planning on posting something today. But of course there are long ramble-y details available because well, you guys know me.)

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Requests and Challenges - Announcements

22 May 2015
My wireless keyboard died. Just completely bit it. I have no idea why, other than just because there apparently wasn't enough agitation in my life already. *sigh* Time to haul out the giant annoying laptop. Which basically means I'm now restricted to writing/updating from home. *headdesk*

Hopefully I'll be able to replace it by June 10. Even though idk how much they cost because honestly I managed to get this one for free after being on the phone with Apple for 4 hours one night three years ago trying to order my iPad.

Well, little buddy, you produced upwards of 300,000 words of fanfiction and saw me through four semesters of a writing-intensive degree. You will be remembered fondly. <3

In other news, today is my first day off this week. Let's get writing, shall we?

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Announcements - What's Left of Us

May 22, 2015
*runs screaming into the room*

GUYS. I woke up this morning and, as I tend to do, I rolled over and checked my email. Half-asleep and bleary-eyed I scrolled through my inbox, and I come across a comment on AO3's cross-post of "Hollowed". It took me a second to really comprehend what was going on.

"Hollowed" has been rec'd on spn_littlebro here on livejournal. :D Apparently it's a community that focuses on hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared fics and honestly after poking around on there a bit i highly recommend that community right back.

Thank you to everyone reading and rec'ing this 'verse, and as always thanks so much to liverpool46 for the prompt that started it all. <3

DCBB 2015 - Call for Alpha Readers [CLOSED]

[Call for alpha readers is now closed--thank you all!]

Okay guys, here's the skinny:

I have officially finished the pre-draft planning for my DCBB and I'm going to get started on the early draft this week.

Anyway, as per the FAQ page on deancasbigbang, I am required to have a beta reader for things like mechanics and grammar, and I have been fortunate enough to secure the help of my dear sweet friend Michele for that. Seriously, bros, I'm going to brag on this girl for a minute because I don't think she's on here (mainly reading on AO3) and I can gush without her realizing what a moron I really am: this woman is fantastic. From what I've been able to gauge so far, she is everything that I've been looking for in a beta reader since my last one had to quit and I really think we're going to be able to create an end product that's gonna knock your socks off.

(And break your heart a little bit, if any of us know my style ahem.)

But on to what you care about if you've read through all of that: alpha readers.

Alpha readers are, apparently, sort of the cheerleaders of a Big Bang author. We are not allowed to publicly post our work before the November 1 posting date, so it can get difficult to press on without the feedback that community writers such as myself typically draw from. Seriously bros, your enthusiasm about a story makes up 90% of my enthusiasm about a story.

What I need from alpha readers: General support and feedback. Basically as though you were reading any of my other stories. However, I'd like to strive for a little con-crit and discussion of how I, as an author, can make the best contribution to the DCBB as possible. So please be willing to discuss things with me, such as ways to improve a scene that just isn't landing right. :)

What I do not need from alpha readers: Detailed mechanics and grammatical editing. That is what Michele will be doing (as well as general feedback). Often you will be looking at the rough draft of a chapter, so there may be errors when you see it, but trust me, we're on it.

Note: I will be using the privacy settings here on LJ to create an alpha reader group, that way we can use the comments section for discussion. However, this means that you must have an account to be an alpha reader.

So. Any takers?

Hollowed 'Verse Timestamp - Milo - "Gutted"

Master Post // Announcements

Title: Gutted
Author: girlgotagun
Primary Pairing: None
Secondary Pairings: None
Rating: NC-17

Summary: A timestamp from the Hollowed ‘verse. Milo was in AZ-24 for a year before the sterilizations started. The omegas who had been through it—or the ones who survived, anyway—didn’t talk about it. When Milo’s taken to the operating room, he found out why. He’ll never talk about it, either.

Warnings: Major gore. This timestamp involves the involuntary surgical sterilization of a conscious individual. Please proceed with caution.

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