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Title: Not By a Long Shot
Pairing: Dean/Sam – Sam/OMCs
Rating: NC-17

Part Two


The smell of sweat and the warmth of pheromones hung in the hair like a blanket over Sam. He was uncomfortable, stretched too far, too full, having to concentrate hard on his breathing. But the soft murmurs of praise and now-gentle hands on his skin helped to keep him grounded, content under the heavy weight of the other Alphas. Gadreel was—thankfully—the first to be able to slip free of the omega’s body, his hand caressing Sam’s jaw as the omega opened and closed it experimentally, working the tense, tight muscles. Next came Benny, pulling out with a hiss as soon as Cas’s knot had subsided enough to allow it. Cas himself stayed inside Sam maybe a bit longer than was necessary, muttering soft words almost like prayer against the omega’s skin until a low warning growl from Dean had him withdrawing as well, causing Sam to emit a low whine at the loose, empty feeling that overcame him with the removal of the last knot.

Sam could feel slick and cum leaking from his gaping hole; would have been ashamed of it if he didn’t know—if he couldn’t smell—what the sight did to his Alpha. The scent caused a rush of blood to surge to his head, making him dizzy. Now was the best part of the night. Now his brother would claim him again, make sure that the other Alphas knew who Sam really belonged to. Make sure the omega himself knew.

Like Sam could ever forget.

He remembered his claiming night. He had known for awhile that it would happen; could see the look of hunger in his brother’s eyes, smell the heady, earthy scent of his arousal when they were alone. And he couldn't deny the answering call from his own body. But he had known his brother’s reputation as a lover, and it made him nervous. He had expected the worst, had expected Dean to be a monster of an Alpha when he finally claimed him. He thought that Dean would dominate him, claim him by force, make Sam take his knot whether he was ready or not, whether Sam got any pleasure out of it himself or not.

He had been wrong. Dean had been gentle and thorough, efficiently working Sam into a frenzy of lust with his hands and mouth, getting him ready, making sure he enjoyed it. And that was good, because if his claiming night hadn't forged a strong emotional bond of trust as well as a physical one, Sam was sure they wouldn't be where they were now; wouldn't be able to indulge each other in the ways that they did.

So when Dean had told Sam that he was going to claim Sam like he did years ago, Sam knew that he was saying it for effect. It was too personal, too deep and raw to put on display for the other Alphas. That alone was theirs—only theirs.

Sam heard his brother walk over, knew that he should present. He didn't, opting to bait Dean, get him really riled up, let him exert every ounce of his dominance over the omega in his display. So Dean waited, and Sam waited, the latter feeling the aggression mounting in the other by the moment.

Finally Sam felt his brother twist his fingers into his long hair, jerking his head up and drawing a hiss of pain from the omega. Sam was brought face-to-face with his Alpha, dutifully averting his eyes.

“Were they enough for you, bitch?” Dean growled, teeth set in fury. “Completely satisfied? Don't need me anymore? Think they can give you everything you need? Maybe I should cut you loose, then. See if one of them wants you after seeing what a filthy cockslut you are.”

Sam let out a low whine. He knew it was largely play; a show being put on, a game of pretend fed by their baser instincts allowed to go unchecked. Still, it hurt a deep, baser part of his soul to imagine his Alpha really cutting him loose, leaving him to fend for himself. “No.”

“No? They’re not enough for you?” Sam could hear the smug undercurrent rolling through his Alpha’s voice. “Who is? Who's the only Alpha that can satisfy you? Who's the only one who can make you whole; fill you up and knot you right?”

“You, Alpha!” Sam’s voice was a low whine as he arched his back, the burn and twist of arousal in the bottom of his spine demanding movement, making the omega seek contact. “Only you; only ever you!”

“Don't ever forget it.” Dean’s breath was hot on Sam’s face as he growled the words. “Do I need to make sure you remember? Show you that I own your ass? Show them what a perfect bitch you are for me?”

“Yes, Alpha! Please, I need it so bad—need you.” Sam wanted to crawl into his Alpha’s lap, nuzzle into his neck, be wrapped in his scent and soothe the worked-up man. He knew better than to do such a thing in front of their audience, knew better than to give them the idea that Sam had “tamed” his Alpha. Sam was a good omega, a good bitch, and he knew better. So he stayed on the floor with Dean leaning over him, held in place by the firm grasp in his hair, and whimpered out the pleas his instincts were sending to his mouth. “Need you to knot me, fill me up. Show me who I belong to, whose bitch I am. Need you to fuck me hard; claim me.”

Dean let out a low growl, his hand leaving Sam’s hair as he moved to grasp the omega’s hips, repositioning his little brother so that the Alpha was on his knees behind him. He ran his hand over the omega’s ass, thumb running through the crease to dip into his gaping hole. “You're so fucking wrecked,” he hissed, and Sam could hear the faint note of pride tinging the words. “Fucking used and sloppy, covered in other Alphas’ cum. And you're still fucking wet, you slut. Still so fucking greedy for a knot.”

Sam pressed back against his Alpha’s hand, wanting more, wanting to feel his brother filling him up. He didn't have to wait long before he heard the sound of Dean’s belt hitting the floor and his zipper lowering. He moaned when he felt his brother tracing the head of his cock around his stretched hole, felt the abused flesh quivering in response before the Alpha pressed into him, returning him to that state of full, complete.

“Fuck, Sammy,” Dean breathed as the omega’s muscles fluttered around him. Sam was loose, but not too loose, and Dean took a moment to adjust before beginning a punishing pace that forced his brother’s shoulders and chest harder against the floor, rocking him forward each time he bottomed out. “Fuck; so fucking hot, so fucking slick.”

Sam moaned loudly, the sound choking off in a broken sob. Dean felt so perfect, so right inside of him, the sense of completeness that came with his brother taking him nearly enough to shatter him.

“You like that, Sammy?” Dean’s thrusts were coming hard and fast, his hands gripping the omega’s hips hard enough to bruise. “Like my cock inside you, claiming you?” Dean smirked when Sam let out a low, keening wail. “That’s right; that’s my good bitch. Who do you belong to, baby boy?”

Sam felt like he was about to lose his mind, words hard to form as he was brought closer and closer to the edge. “You, Dean… You’re…you’re my Alpha. Only you…”

“Can anyone else do this for you?” Dean paused in his questions as he pushed his growing knot inside, his thrusts becoming shorter, deeper, grinding against the omega’s ass. “Can any of those other Alphas make you feel as good as I do?”

“Not…” Sam swallowed hard, gasping as Dean’s knot rubbed over his prostate, expanding and stretching his sore, abused hole. “Not by a long shot.”

Dean chuckled, the sound cut off in a low, growling moan as Sam finally came apart under him. He leaned forward, his teeth sinking into the flesh of Sam’s shoulder, right over the mating mark he had left years ago. The skin broke open again, small spots of blood forming to be lapped up by Dean’s tongue as he pushed through the omega’s contracting channel.

The Alpha swore as he went flying off the edge as well, coming hard and filling the omega with his seed. They were barely tied, Sam’s hole too abused and stretched, but when Dean pulled back he felt the knot catch on the rim as Sam clenched, holding him inside of him.

They fell to their sides, exhausted as Dean’s hips continued to thrust lazily, coaxing out the last of his seed as they rode out the after shocks.

Dean kissed over the reopened mating mark and licked his lips to clear them of the deep red metallic-sweet liquid. He heard the other Alphas begin to leave, their scents still heavy with arousal but with a respectful detachment lingering at the edge. They knew that Sam was Dean’s; that he had allowed them to play with the omega, but that was all.

And he had loved it; loved every minute of it as he watched his good little omega be used and satisfied. As long as they knew, and Sammy knew, who he really belonged to.

Because no one else could be what Sam needed. No one else. Not by a long shot.

The End.
I hope you enjoyed it. :)
Tags: category: a/b/o, category: pwp, category: slash, character: dean winchester, character: sam winchester, fandom: supernatural, kink: aggression, kink: anal, kink: biting, kink: dirty talk, kink: exhibitionism, kink: gangbang, kink: knotting, kink: marking, kink: praise, kink: public claiming, pairing: dean/sam, prompt fill, status: complete, warning: language, warning: sexual content
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