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Title: An Omega and a Gentleman
Author: girlgotagun
Pairing: Jared/Jensen – J2

Part Four


The silence that followed Diane’s words was so complete that Jared could hear it ringing in his ears. He thought for a moment he was going to pass out, the humiliation that washed over him was so intense. He couldn’t breathe as he tried to sink backwards, tried to find his way back to the door—at least in his head. His feet themselves seemed to be rooting him to the floor, his shame the only thing to willing to swallow him up no matter how much he wished the floor would.

Jensen looked angry, sharp barely-leashed aggression rolling off of him as he looked from Jared to Diane. Jared wanted to speak, wanted to tell him that he hadn’t asked her to do this, never wanted this, knew and understood that the Alpha didn’t want anything to do with him. He wanted to fall to his knees and whimper his apology, beg the Alpha to forgive him for this, make the thick scent of anger go away as it pressed hard on the nape of his neck.

Still his feet held him in place, refusing to move as his throat swelled to choke him and his eyes burned.

“Diane…why would you—” Jensen’s voice was raw, quiet power, and Jared wished like hell that it had the same effect on betas as it did on omegas. While his baser self screamed at him to grovel, to show submission, Diane took a step closer to the Alpha.

Her voice was a low hiss as she pointed at Jared, but the sound carried in the completely silent sound stage. “He’s leaking through ever single pair of pants I put on him. He hasn’t managed to start a single take today. He’s eating up valuable time and resources and as the Alpha responsible this is your problem and I’m sick of being the one who has to deal with it.”

Jared squeezed his eyes shut, trying to will himself elsewhere as the Alpha turned to look at him, his scent becoming muddled, unreadable. Jared thought he detected pity, and it made him want to scream.

There was a rustling sound and then Jared was being wrapped in Jensen’s scent as something heavy and warm was placed on his shoulders. It was the long leather jacket that he wore as Dean on the show. Jared could feel the hem near the tips of his fingers, knew that the jacket covered the seat of his ruined pants. He didn’t know what to say, what to think—he just held very still, afraid to move.

“If you ever humiliate him like this again, I will end you, you hear me?” Jensen’s words were ground out from between his teeth as he addressed Diane, and then a strong arm was being wrapped around Jared’s shoulders as the Alpha led him out of the studio, the slight pressure of his hand on Jared’s shoulders somehow getting his feet to unstick from the floor.

Jared kept his eyes locked on the ground as he let Jensen lead him through the neat rows of trailers and vehicles outside of the building, not bothering to wonder where they were going. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. How could Diane do that? He had known that she was getting frustrated, but he had thought that she had understood, that she was his friend. She had been the one person he had finally been able to bring himself to tell about his feelings for Jensen, and that was how she reacted? By deciding that it was the perfect opportunity to pawn him off through some sort of pack duty?

And oh god…that must have been embarrassing for Jensen, too. The omega closed his eyes, guilt hitting him hard in the gut to mingle and writhe with the humiliation that was already making him nauseous as Jensen stopped and he heard a door open. The warm arm around his shoulders disappeared, and despite the human part of his mind screaming at him to run, to submit his break in contract for the show through his agent and pick a day job, never look back, he nearly whimpered at the loss.

“Jared.” The Alpha’s voice was soft, gentle, and Jared dared to peek at him through his eyelashes, careful not to make direct eye contact—as if he could even if it weren’t his instincts screaming at him to be submissive, as if the humiliation would allow him to. “Come in.”

Jared realized they were at Jensen’s trailer, the Alpha already one step up and holding open the door as he waited. Jared’s heart leapt into his throat as he shook his head. “You don’t… What Diane said, that’s not…”

“It’s okay. I didn’t bring you here to mate. I just want us to talk.” Jensen’s full lips rose into a soft smile. “Seriously, I’m not gonna go all Alpha on you.”

Jared nearly laughed at his own stupidity. Of course Jensen wouldn’t. Because he already had no interest in Jared, and now the omega had been part of a giant scene that had probably embarrassed him in front of all of their co-workers and Alphas like their omegas to need them, but not to be needy, and Jared was absolutely one hundred percent sure when he thought about it that there was no way that Jensen would ever want him that way. If there had ever been a chance, today had ruined that.

“Look, man, you don’t have to be all nice about this. I’m really sorry about what Diane said. Let’s just…” Jared trailed off, unsure of what to say. Let’s just what? Forget about it? How do you forget about that?

Jensen sighed. “Would you just get in here?”

It was a moment, but Jared finally moved to follow him inside, dread coiling in his stomach as the door swung shut behind him. Jensen motioned for him to sit down and Jared hesitated. It probably wasn’t in good form to sit on his Alpha co-worker’s couch while his pants were soaked-through with slick. Jensen sighed and looked at him expectantly.

“I just… I don’t want to get your couch…y’know…wet.” The words were mumbled under his breath as his face flamed. Understanding washed over Jensen’s face and he looked around for a moment before locating and opening a gym bag and pulling out a towel. He folded it in half and set it on the cushion, looking to Jared as though asking his opinion on the solution.

It was oddly touching, and Jared was happy for the chance to sit, to make himself that bit smaller and to hide the evidence of his humiliation under him after he took off the jacket, trying not to make a mess of it before handing it back to Jensen.

The Alpha set it down on the counter of the small kitchen area and then leaned against the edge, his arms crossed over his chest as he shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t seem to know how to start the conversation, but neither did Jared, so they just sat there awkwardly for a moment.

Finally Jensen sighed, one hand coming to rub at his face warily. “What Diane said—”

“I’m so, so sorry about that. I swear, I didn’t know what she was planning to do when she dragged me in there; I never would’ve let her call you out in front of everyone like that.” The words left Jared’s mouth in a rush, his heart thudding hard as he hoped that Jensen would believe him, would understand that he hadn’t been a willing participant in the Alpha’s embarrassment.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Jensen looked confused. “Jared, she had no right to say shit like that about you in front of everyone. I’m just worried about you after that.” The man shifted uncomfortably again. “You looked like you were about to pass out or something.”

Jared laughed, the sound humorless even to his own ears. “I thought I was going to. Sort of hoped I would.”

Jensen was quiet for a moment before he began again, his voice carefully-measured and calm. “What she said, though…was it true? Because if you can’t work with me… I don’t know, we can talk to the producers. They’ll be pissed, but we’re less than halfway through the season and I don’t want you to feel like I’m…hijacking your body or something, if I’m making you react that way.”

The words were so far from anything that Jared would have expected that it took him a minute to understand what Jensen was saying. “You’re saying you would leave the show?” The idea settled like a rock in his gut, a heavy and painful weight of guilt.

“I don’t… I don’t know, man.” Jensen looked like he was having trouble finding the words for what he wanted to say. “Listen, I don’t like my hindbrain, alright? Most Alphas, they don’t mind it; they like the effect they have on other pack and I guess I get it, but I don’t want to effect people that way. Hell, I guess some of them want to let their hindbrain rule all the time, like the extremists, but I just… I like the human part of me. It’s what makes us pack, you know? Without it we’re just animals and… I don’t want to be responsible for you constantly being in distress or embarrassed because your body’s reacting to mine. I’ve tried everything I know of to make it stop; not touching you or talking to you, keeping my distance. Nothing’s working.” Jensen shook his head. “So if it’s me, and I’m causing you to be uncomfortable… I don’t want to be here.”

Jared smiled, because it was nice of his co-worker to be so concerned about him, but his heart gave a painful throb as it was confirmed that Jensen didn’t want to have that effect on Jared. Wasn’t interested in him. It hurt more than he had expected. “Yeah… I guess it would be different if you were interested in me, but since you’re not it must be pretty rough to deal with.”

“What?” Now Jensen looked as though he had heard the very last thing he had expected. “What makes you think I’m not interested in you?”

“C’mon, Jensen.” Jared sighed. He wished the conversation would be over so that he could go home, curl up in a ball, and nurse his shattered pride. “It’s like you said, you don’t talk to me, you act like touching me is the worst thing in the world, and you practically have to be coached to be anywhere near me, even in filming. And okay, it’s to try to make my body stop reacting to you, which is nice I guess, but if you were interested, I wouldn’t think it would bother you that much that my body reacts since it’s…y’know…necessary.” His face flamed and he looked at the floor.

“Besides, I have a hard time believing that any Alpha who’s interested wouldn’t be all about the good old butt-flap birthright grope-fest.” The words were sharply-spoken, bitter, but Jared couldn’t help it. He had been felt up enough times to make him sick when he thought of it, unable to stop it, and no matter what the Alpha may be saying to spare his feelings or whatever, there was no way an Alpha wasn’t going to do it if they were interested.

“You made it pretty clear you didn’t like Alphas touching you like that.” Jensen sighed. “You’re a really confusing guy, you know?” He let out a quiet laugh, as though genuinely amused by Jared’s assessment of the situation. “Look, it’s like I said—I don’t let my hindbrain rule me. I don’t want to be just an Alpha. So when you made it clear that you didn’t like Alphas groping you, I respected that. I figured you’d never give me a shot if you thought I was going all Alpha on you—pretty much figured when I couldn’t stop whatever was making your body react the way it does that you’d never give me a shot anyway. But I wasn’t going to pressure you or make you uncomfortable.”

Jared gaped at him. “You… Are you saying you wanted a shot?” His brow furrowed. “With me? Despite all this?”

The Alpha laughed again. “God, especially with all of this. I can’t stamp down my instincts entirely, you know. And I can’t tell you how fucking hot it is to have an omega all wet any time he’s around me. The smell alone…” He caught sight of the blush on the omega’s face, the downcast hazel eyes and he wanted to kick himself. “Sorry…like I said, it gets away from me sometimes, and when you ask a question like that…”

Jared braced himself, speaking before he could lose his nerve. “Diane said all of that after I told her that I was getting slick because I need you.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth he wanted to shove them back in, despite the effort it had taken to say them. Hadn’t he humiliated himself enough for the day? Did he really have to go and line up for another heaping helping?

He heard Jensen’s breath hitch. “Jared, we’re obviously not great at reading each other, okay? So I need you to just tell me honestly—do you want me to claim you?”

For a moment Jared forgot how to breathe, forgot how to speak. His mouth dried out, his pulse picking up as he tried to unstick his throat.

When he finally spoke, it was barely a whisper. “Yes.”

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the Alpha had closed the space between them, leaning over Jared as his hand came to curl his fingers in the omega’s hair, tilting his head back to kiss him heatedly. And for a guy who didn’t like to let his baser instincts rule him, when he finally let go it was amazing, Jared thought.

He had noticed Jensen’s scent before—less intense but infinitely more affecting than the other Alphas on the cast—and it was only now that he realized that the man really had been keeping himself in check. The thick, sweet smell of lust poured off of the Alpha, overwhelming Jared’s senses in a matter of minutes as Jensen kissed him hungrily.

He felt his body respond, arousal coiling tight in his abdomen as his inner walls contracted and relaxed, slick pouring forth—as though there were a shortage, the omega thought wryly—as his body prepared for what was about to happen. His hindbrain mewled in pleasure as Jared finally let go, finally let it take over and command his movements as he arched his neck, baring the tender, vulnerable skin for Jensen. The Alpha growled and bit lightly at the spot at the base of his neck, a gentle promise of what was to come.

“Smell so good, Jared.” Jensen’s voice was a low, appreciative murmur as he nosed along the skin of the omega’s neck and then down to breathe deeply against his collar through his tee shirt. “Been thinking about it since I met you…all through my rut. Wanted you so bad.”

Jared’s head was spinning at the words, amazed that Jensen had been so affected by him, imagining the man completely feral and desperate in rut, thinking of Jared as his hindbrain screamed at him to take and claim. The Alpha pulled away, hands tugging at Jared’s shirt. Jared arched away from the couch, allowing him to pull it off, and then the Alpha’s hands were working at the closure of his jeans, hurrying to get to the source of the sweet, earthy smell that had been tormenting him for months.

Jared was surprised at that—he had figured that when he was mated, his Alpha would do little more than unsnap the flap in his pants and bend him over to knot him. Cool air hit his soaked skin as his pants were pulled down, Jensen stepping back to pull them off completely. Jared watched through hooded eyes as the man quickly stripped down himself before moving forward again, bracing his hand on the back of the couch as he towered over the omega once more. Jared arched up, a needy whine falling from his lips as his lips searched out the Alpha’s. Jensen dodged him, his lips instead exploring the broad planes of Jared’s shoulders. The omega gasped, arching into the touch as his inner walls fluttered with need, slick rushing forth.

Jensen let out a low growl at the smell of fresh arousal, his hands coming to hook under Jared’s thighs and haul them up, nearly folding the younger man in half as he exposed him to his heated gaze. Jared flushed, embarrassed at the amount of slick that coated his thighs and the curve of his ass, seeping into the towel under him.

“Couldn’t stop thinking about this,” the Alpha groaned and then suddenly he was ducking down, his tongue swiping along the cleft of Jared’s ass, finally tasting him. It was better than he had imagined; sweet and private and all Jared. He spread the omega’s cheeks wider, exposing the quivering ring of muscles and then running his tongue over the rim. He lapped up the quickly-appearing slick and then pressed his tongue inside, groaning low when he felt the muscles give easily, letting him press inside.

“Jensen… Please, I need you.” And Jared’s voice spoke of that need, completely wrecked and desperate as he gasped, unable to process the sensations that the Alpha was pulling from his body and sending rippling through his nerves. He needed to feel the Alpha inside of him, taking and claiming him, marking him inside and out as his own.

“Turn over.” The command was soft, Jensen careful not to use his tone to force the omega to do anything. He wanted Jared—wanted him badly enough that he questioned whether he would actually be able to stop if he asked him to—but he wanted it to be what the omega wanted as well.

But Jared hurried to comply, raising onto his knees and turning to brace his forearms on the back of the couch, his hips jutted out invitingly. He felt a rush of embarrassment at how wanton he must look, presenting with slick still seeping out of his ass, his legs trembling in anticipation as his rim twitched. His instincts, however, were mewling their approval, guiding his body into the best position possible.

“Can’t wait any more, Jay.” Jensen’s voice was a low rasp, and for a moment Jared was confused at the name. His hindbrain gave a low purr, however, deciding that he liked it. “Need to claim you. Later I’m gonna lay you out, take it slow, make you come on my tongue. But right now I need to knot you, tie you and mark you.”

The confirmation that there would be a later, that Jensen was really going to be his Alpha, that Jared was really going to belong to him, shouldn’t have affected the omega as much as it did; that was the point of claiming, after all. But it still caused an unexpected swell of happiness in his chest, and when he felt Jensen begin to push into him he let out a contented purr in response to the rightness of it, the completion that came with being filled, opened up around the Alpha’s thick cock.

Jensen moved slowly at first, careful to make sure that the omega was completely ready, that his body was doing what it was supposed to do and that he wasn’t in any pain. Then he built up to powerful, deep strokes, groaning as he watched his dick, shiny with slick, disappearing into the tight, wet heat. God, he wished he had known sooner, had asked Jared sooner—wished he could’ve taken him while they were in the throes of rut and heat, knotting and claiming him, breeding him full.

Next time, he thought, and the sheer pleasure that coursed through him at the thought shoved him hard towards the edge as his knot began to swell with a hard throb. Jared was arching against him, crying out as each of Jensen’s deep thrusts grazed his prostate, driving him wild with need as needy moans and gasps were pulled from his throat and his fingers twisted into the couch’s upholstery. The towel under them was completely soaked, the couch probably ruined, and the idea sent a thrill of satisfaction through Jensen.

He worked his knot in slowly, a low growl escaping his throat when the swell caught on the omega’s rim, tugging but not reappearing. He roared out his approval at the fact that they were tied, were mated, and as Jared’s muscles started to clench and quiver around him, the omega arching back to grind against the knot pressing into his prostate, Jensen bit down on the sensitive skin at the base of the younger man’s neck.

A low growl issued from his chest as his mouth flooded metallic-sweet taste of the omega’s blood and he began to spill into his mate’s body, ecstasy pulsing through him as he filled Jared, cum mixing with slick and seeping around the knot. Jared was a quivering mess when his own orgasm hit him. It looked like the omega was going to simultaneously collapse into himself and explode into a million pieces, limbs jerking as a wrecked sob escaped his throat, Jensen’s name falling from his lips between cries of pleasure and staggered gasps.

Jensen thrust through the aftershocks, letting the omega’s clenching muscles milk every last drop of his seed from him before he gathered the younger man in his arms turned them so that he was sitting on the couch, Jared—his omega, his mate—tied on his lap, every muscle in his body quivering in the aftermath of his powerful release.

The Alpha placed a soft kiss to the claiming mark, his tongue darting out to lick up a trickle of blood, soothing the wound. “Mine.”


Diane was quiet when she showed up at Jensen’s trailer an hour later, responding to Jared’s text that he needed a pair of pants—and then Jensen’s text shortly after that he needed a pair of real pants, and that if she dared bring anything with the omega panel he would rip her lungs out.

The Alpha answered the door, hard green eyes narrowed at her. She shrugged and held out the pants. They could be mad at her; whatever. At least they had finally gotten their heads out of their asses and realized they were supposed to be mated.

Diane didn’t know if she believed in fate or destiny or true mates—as a beta, she was practically human, and those old pack legends and fairy tales didn’t really apply to her. She was pack in bloodline only. So she didn’t know if it was real, if that was what she was looking at with the two actors.

But at the end of the day it didn’t matter, because she didn’t need to know if she was witnessing fate or destiny. She could recognize love when she saw it.

Maybe Jared would never forgive her. It had been pretty extreme, after all. But even if he didn’t, that was okay. It was better than watching the omega suffer.

And now she could actually put him in clothes that would let him do his job; let him do everything she knew he could with this role while keeping his dignity intact.


Jared stood in front of Sam’s wardrobe, his fingers running over worn denim, soft flannel, and crisp, clean cotton. He had been there for the better part of an hour, just pulling clothes off of the rack and admiring them before putting them back. Every pair of pants was new, happily hung up by Diana before she tossed all of the old ones.

He wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to it; to wearing normal pants, to not being up for grabs to every Alpha who crossed his path. The claiming mark and the lack of the omega panel were clear signs to keep off, that he already belonged to someone. His body didn’t respond to anyone other than Jensen anymore, and though that was sometimes a bit excessive he could now wear underwear and a liner to stop the humiliation that used to come with every scene.

He had grown to love the show, the cast and crew. He loved Jensen. And sometimes it was all still a little overwhelming. Even just getting up in the morning and looking through his—their—closet to pick out his clothes for the day sometimes took him hours, now that he didn’t dread the options.

Diane smiled at him, and despite everything he smiled back. Because she may have humiliated him, but that was nothing new, and her humiliation had been the last—had brought him and his mate together.

He finally felt like things were right. He was where he had always wanted to be.

The End.
I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Special thanks once more to sanshal for the amazing prompt. I hope it was everything you dreamed.

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