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Submit a Prompt! - April 2015 [CLOSED - See Note!]

[APRIL PROMPTING IS CLOSED. I've run out of fill slots thanks to you lovely people, so any future prompts should be submitted to the May request post. Thanks!]

Hey guys! If you're here, then I guess you've followed a link from either the fill master post or one of the fills I've already completed. You're welcome to submit a request or challenge of your own, and I will do my best to get to it!

[If you've already requested a fill and you're wondering about its status, I'm pleased to inform you lovely people that you can now track my writing schedule for each month--posted one month in advance--by clicking here. For a detailed explanation of the fill "categories" used in the schedule, check out the Requests and Challenges Announcements.]

There are currently NO REMAINING fill slots open for the month of April.
Prompts for May are currently being ACCEPTED.
The waiting list for intermittent fills is currently OPEN.

I of course reserve the right to reject any requests or prompts that I'm not comfortable with, unless I can tweak them for content, so please note if it is okay to do so. If this is not noted, I will assume that you are not okay with me tweaking anything.

[Note: For safety sake, please assume that I will never be comfortable writing scat, water sports, or any other form of elimination kink.]

To request a fill, post in the comment section with the below form filled out. I have enabled anonymous comments without IP logging, and as long as that works (ie: no trolling or abusive comments) I will leave those settings in place. However, if you choose to make use of those settings, remember that you will need to check back on your own to see if your prompt has been filled. If you leave a comment logged-in, I will reply with the link to your fill so that you can check it out. Your choice. :)

Pairing: [the characters you want involved]
Prompt Detail: [plot, time frame, etc]
Including: [kinks or themes, even lines of dialogue you may want]
Not Including: [any elements that you want to be sure are not included]

Now, go forth and prompt, readers!
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